NAME REMOVED comics by Nick Wolfe

This is the list of contributions.


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ARRG is from switzerland and has a blog. How about that?

ARRG suggested: Rabid is trapped inside Rabish's body after a nasty ping-pong incident.
Ping Pong (Hat)
Ping Pong (Polygraph)
Ping Pong (handbag)
ARRG suggested: Everything has gotten sticky all of a sudden.
Sticky (melty)
Sticky (gum)
Sticky (river)
ARRG fourth panelled: spam. Spam.
Breaking the Fourth Panel: +++ATH0
ARRG suggested: Rabid and Noel are getting a divorce. Are they even married ?
A divorce (terrible party)
A Divorce (learning)
A Divorce (reconcile)


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Nothing is known about Axel! Except for the excellent suggestions.

Axel suggested: Rabid is on the run from a mysterious pursuer.
Mysterious Pursuer (pig)
Mysterious Pursuer (betrayal)
Mysterious Pursuer (destruct)
Axel suggested: Space Frog finds a treasure map.
Treasure Map (loot)
Treasure Map (crown)
Treasure Map (candy)
Axel suggested: Rabid finds the remains of an abandoned ship.
Abandoned Ship (coffee)
Abandoned Ship (diaspora)
Abandoned Ship (hot coffee)
Axel suggested: Rabid is exploring a creepy basement when he hears a disquieting sound.
Scary Basement Noise (paint)
Scary Basement Noise (ji zhi guo tie)
Scary Basement Noise (makeouts)
Axel suggested: Rabish does some investigative journalism.
Rabish, Intrepid Girl Reporter (the Mystery of the Impostor Worms)
Rabish, Intrepid Girl Reporter (Rise of Some Draculas)
Rabish, Intrepid Girl Reporter (Underworld Overkill)
Axel suggested: Dr. Quickly gets off the bus at the wrong stop and experiences the seedy part of town.
Seedy Bus-Stop (speciality store)
Seedy Bus-Stop (swipe)
Seedy Bus-Stop (popeye's)
Axel suggested: Space Frog begins a career as a private detective and investigates his fellow Desperontites. (Desperontoans?)
Desperontonian Dick (first case)
Desperontonian Dick (twist)
Desperontonian Dick (thrilling conclusion)
Axel suggested: Dr. Quickly discovers a hole in reality.
A Hole In Reality (or at least the wall)
A Hole in Reality (and a reservation)
A Hole in Reality (is good for storage)
Axel suggested: Space Frog knows everyone's secrets.
The Frog Who Knew Too Much (sheeples)
The Frog Who Knew Too Much (memories)
The Frog Who Knew Too Much (camping)
Axel suggested: Rabish consults a fortune teller.
Rabish's Fortune (a fortune)
Rabish's Fortune (in the great outdoors)
Rabish's Fortune (no regrets)

Daniel Adamow

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A half-remembered thought floating on an ocean of dreams.

Daniel Adamow suggested: Noel creates a perfect duplicate of herself.
Perfect Copy (diffract)
Perfect Copy (box)
Perfect Copy (causality)
Daniel Adamow suggested: Several characters exchange eyes with some bizzare aliens.
Alien Eyes (walk a mile in their sockets)
Alien Eyes (are windows to the soul)
Alien Eyes (plus shipping)
Daniel Adamow suggested: One of the characters thinks that he is suffering from some horrible unknown disease.
Novel Illness (carriage return)
Novel Illness (litter)
Novel Illness (ice treat)
Daniel Adamow suggested: Rabid kills Rabish, then drops to his knees and says: "I've made a terrible mistake!"
Rabid Slays Rabish (WOW!)
Rabid Slays Rabish (on a boat)
Rabid Slays Rabish (in disguise)
Daniel Adamow suggested: Rabid needs to find a very important item from his past before he can rest.
Rabid lost... (his keys)
Rabid Lost... (his memories)
Rabid Lost... (his kingdom)


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I just googled "dezro" and it turns out they use a panel from this comic as a forum avatar. ONE HUNDRED POINTS TO DEZRO.

Dezro suggested: A snake teaches its secrets to Dr. Quickly.
Snake Secret (flehmening)
Snake Secret (life)
Snake Secret (knowledge)
Dezro suggested: Noel is at the laundromat, doing her laundry.
Noel at the Laundromat (routine)
Noel at the Laundromat (missed connections)
Noel at the Laundromat (grift)
Space Frog School (first day)
Space Frog School (enrolment)
Space Frog School (rebuke)

Fritata del Taco

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Delicious! And mostly anonymous.

Fritata Del Taco? suggested: Rabid is is saying with annoyance: "Why are my fish kabobs so late?"
Fish Kebabs (BYOELOI)
Fish Kebabs (Lifestyles)
Fish Kebabs (Butt)
Fritata Del Taco suggested: Rabish: Who could possibly be knocking at this hour?
Knock Knock (panel)
Knock knock (z-war)
Knock Knock (fire)
Fritata Del Taco? suggested: Rabid is eating a can of bees and yelling WHERE IS THE CHEESE!? WHERE IS IT?! GAAAAAAHH!!
Open Mic (frog and bees)
Fritata Del Taco? suggested: Rabid is frightened and confused after a jostle with a flambuoyant Cactus.
Cactus (thief)
Cactus (creepy)
Cactus (crossing)
fritata del taco? suggested: Dr. Quickly is in big trouble after "accidentally" eating a figure of authority
Quickly Eats The Boss (undone)
Quickly Eats The Boss (quaint)
Quickly Eats The Boss (investigation)
Fritata Del Taco suggested: The whole gang starts to have embarrassing hat problems.
Hat Gang (riverdale)
Hat Gang (scoob)
Fritata Del Taco suggested: Don't go in there. There's bees in there.
Bees In There (while camping)
Bees In There (In The Big Hive)
Bees In There (In The Burrito Hive)

Jamie P.

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The "P" stands for "Probably" as in "Probably a lot of great ideas for comics".

Jamie P. suggested: Dr. Quickly takes offense at Space Frog's constant innuendo.
Frog Innuendo (shed)
Frog Innuendo (workplace)
Frog Innuendo (agnosia)
Jamie P. suggested: Rabish discovers she's made a horrible mistake!
Rabish's Mistake (protocol)
Rabish's Mistake (magnitude)
Rabish's Mistake (baking)
Jamie P. suggested: Space Frog decides to become a rapper, with disasterous effects.
Space Frog, Rapper (origin)
Space Frog, Rapper (caught)
Space Frog, Rapper (publicity)
Jamie P. suggested: There are fish causing problems. Only Rabot can help.
Fish Trouble with Rabot (while camping)
Fish Trouble with Rabot (underwater)
Fish Trouble with Rabot (Matthew 17:24-27)

Keith Prestwich

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Keith is a clever fellow who invents lies for a living.

Keith Prestwich suggested: Rabish is confounded by an unlabelled tin.
Tin (Soup)
Tin (Cram)
Tin (Lady of Mazes)
Keith Prestwich suggested: Dr. Quickly finds an ingenious use for a whalebone corset.
Corset (Krill)
Corset (Crime)
Corset (Spooky)
Keith Prestwich suggested: Rabid is audited by the Intestinal Revenue Service
Audit (Tube)
Audit (Snitch)
Audit (Senses)
Keith Prestwich suggested: An orange peels itself mysteriously
Non-Starter Starter Panels
Keith Prestwich suggested: Rabid and Rabish purchase a haunted catamaran
Catamaran (party)
Catamaran (fruit)
Catamaran (cyphertext)
Keith Prestwich suggested: An army officer is demoted for ambiguous reasons
Demoted (Heat)
Demoted (Trials)
Demoted (Medal)
Keith Prestwich suggested: Dr. Quickly invents a metronome that beats in reverse
Metronome (Bicycle Ride)
Metronome (Poetastic)
Metronome (Origin)
Keith Prestwich suggested: Dr. Quickly creates two robots programmed to snub each other
Snub (Power)
Snub (Frog)
Snub (Pizza)
Keith Prestwich suggested: Newlyweds discover a strange grotto
Grotto (salver)
Grotto (pattern)
Grotto (snake)
Keith Prestwich suggested: Rabid becomes an actuary via correspondence
Actuary (inside)
Actuary (history)
Actuary (ring)
Keith Prestwich suggested: A bakery becomes a backdrop for seduction
Bakery (Interrupted)
Bakery (drugs)
Bakery (imagination)
Keith Prestwich suggested: A masked figure makes Rabish uneasy
Masked (Wobbly)
Masked (Fortnight)
Masked (Love)
Keith Prestwich suggested: Rabid's picnic lunch goes awry - but only he is to blame. "If only I'd know things would turn out so unexpectedly!"
Picnic Failure (Boating)
Picnic Failure (salt)
Keith suggested: A pipe wrench turns out to be a vital clue
Pipe Wrench (recuperative)
Pipe Wrench (COEnT)
Pipe Wrench (emulation)
Pipe Wrench (popsicle-ation)
Pipe Wrench (acid)
Pipe Wrench (restoration hardware)
Keith suggested: A salesman is not what he seems
Suspicious Salesman (pulls a triple cross)
Suspicious Salesman (foists Faustian fraud)
Suspicious Salesman (books a holiday)
Keith suggested: Dr. Quickly invents an earnestness pill
Earnestness (triple blind)
Earnestness (thesis year)
Earnestness (years later)
Earnestness (hastily called meeting)
Earnestness (whoops)


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A famous illustrator whose portfolio can be seen online on her website.

lispy spam suggested: Rabish is agog to have discovered Rabid and Noel together in bed!
Hide-a-bed (House)
Hide-a-bed (Gender politics)
Hide-a-bed (Switch)
Sage is in the box suggested: Rabish is standing under a streetlamp, all dressed up like a LADY OF THE NIGHT.
Lady of the Evening (Tracking)
Lady of the Evening (Costume)
Lady of the Evening (Pickle)
Lisa suggested: Dr Quickly says "What a disaster! My errant perspiration has infiltrated my invention!!"
Perspiration (sandwich)
Perspiration (waffles)
Perspiration (timeslip)
Lisa guest comicked: the whole dang thing.
Classic Transmitter: Lisa's Story
Classic Transmitter: Lisa's Other Story
Lisa wants me to go shopping with her
Pielove (finger monsters)
Lisa modelled: as Tsamantha.
Escape Phrase 52
Lisa fourth panelled: a telephone call of edibility.
Breaking the Fourth Panel: Ring Ring
Lisa drew: the pretty art.
Science Failed (Water)
Science Failed (Fountain)
Science Failed (Clown Hell)
Cereal (endangered)
Lisa guest comicked: a substantial portion of this strip.
When Worlds Collide
Lisa guest comicked: a tale of unicorns, love, and loss.
Bad Drink (Einhorn)
Lisa suggested: Dr. Quickly hosts an open mic night at Noel's coffee house.
Open Mic (frog and bees)
Open Mic (D)
Open Mic (flat beat)
Lisa suggested: Everyone is at the community garden where they are getting some work done.
Community Garden (scapes)
Community Garden (bunnies)
Community Garden (magic science)
Lisa guest comicked: a soup delay.
Soup Delay
Lisa suggested: Everyone is in a travelling circus!
The Circus of Dr Quickly (travel)
The Circus of Dr Quickly (setting up)
The Circus of Dr Quickly (performance)
Lisa drew: the inks with a brush over my pencils.
Space Frog, Rapper (origin)
Lisa suggested: "THE WHOLE WORLD WILL ZOMBIES" instead of "THE DEAD WILL WALK THE EARTH". She's right, it's better this way.
TAKRON-6 (subscription)
Lisa drew: many of the panels!
Idea for a Comic (actually jam)
Lisa suggested: Rabish has gone up a tree and can't get back down.
Rabish up a tree (layout cannon)
Rabish up a tree (rescue trampoline)
Rabish up a tree (bad fruit)

Ludwig Von Robotnik

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Like all of the Von Robotniks, Ludwig has lots of really good ideas.

Ludwig von Robotnik suggested: A character receives strange psychic powers from an outlandish stranger with a striking accent.
Psychic Gift (shame)
Psychic Gift (perfect expression)
Psychic Gift (fearless)
Ludwig suggested: Rabot becomes enraged at a device of unknown origins
Frustrating Device (lovebot)
Frustrating Device (secret lens)
Frustrating Device (transitivity)
Ludwig suggested: Rabid decides to play Battletoads
Open Mic (frog and bees)
Ludwig von Robotnik suggested: A character is visited by a talking dolphin with a hidden agenda.
Dolphin Creeps (necklace)
Dolphin Creeps (odds)
Dolphin Creeps (lunch)
Ludwig von Robotnik suggested: Rabid has a new room mate who insists on wearing bizarre masks to formal events.
Masked Roommate (twist)
Masked Roommate (shut)
Masked Roommate (speech)
Ludwig von Robotnik suggested: The sky ship is falling!
sky ship (quest)
Sky Ship (hand)
Sky Ship (all aboard)

The Medic

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Sounds like a helpful person!

The Medic suggested: Space Frog has got a cardboard box!
Space Frog's Box (THE BOX IS A METAPHOR)
Space Frog's Box (in the future)
Space Frog's Box (in the funny pages)
The Medic suggested: Space Frog is outraged that he has not been in 12 comics. He goes back in time to change the comics' plot!
Frog Fixes The Past (part one)
Frog Fixes The Past (part two)
Frog Fixes the Past (placeholder)
Frog Fixes the Past (the truth)
The Medic suggested: Noel accidentally saves the day with her complicated cellphone.
Complicated Cellphone (ID4)
Complicated Cellphone (there's an app for that)
Complicated Cellphone (on vibrate)
The Medic suggested: Dr. Quickly's eyebrows aren't what they used to be.
Quickly's Eyebrows (squirm)
Quickly's Eyebrows (the obvious pun)
Quickly's Eyebrows (go to camp)
The Medic suggested: AN EGG?!
An Egg (faespawn)
An Egg (regret nothing)
An Egg (they're lost)
The Medic suggested: The gang's vacation felt like work.
Working Vacation (of murder)
Working Vacation (gocation vs staycation)
Working Vacation (labour)

Mr. Trev

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If only I had had the foresight to request people sign up for accounts and fill out a survey I would have more to say here but I always wanted to keep the barriers to submission really low. Mr. Trev, thank you, whoever you are.

Mr. Trev suggested: Rabid meets with a unique opportunity.
Unique Opportunity (pie)
Unique Opportunity (Elvesham)
Unique Opportunity (split)
Mr. Trev suggested: Classic Transmitter: oh no, a bomb.
Classic Transmitter: A bomb! (food)
Classic Transmitter: A bomb! (garden)
Classic Transmitter: A bomb! (advertisement)
Mr. Trev suggested: Nothin' but Space Frog.
Nothing but Space Frog (pangloss)
Nothing But Space Frog (on TV)
Nothing But Space Frog (in Pellucidar)
Mr. Trev suggested: The mustard bottle contains a genie--but no mustard.
Mustard Genie (not a space genie)
Mustard Genie (is the hardest part of the level)
Mustard Genie (beach party)
Mr. Trev suggested: Rabid's new love makes the others feel sad.
Rabid's New Love (thanksgiving)
Rabid's New Love (evil)
Rabid's New Love (himself)
Mister Trev suggested: I've got an idea for a comic.
Idea for a Comic (the Inductor)
Idea for a Comic (novelty)
Idea for a Comic (actually jam)
Mr. Trev suggested: Dr. Quickly can help.
Quickly can help (generally)
Quickly can help (he even drew this for me)
Quickly can help (april second)


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Who knows what a Nemryn is, besides an excuse for excellent suggestions?

nemryn suggested: Dr Quickly is plummeting through the air, shouting 'Science, why have you failed me?!'
Science Failed (Water)
Science Failed (Fountain)
Science Failed (Clown Hell)
Science Failed (Reader Submission)
nemryn suggested: Rabish asks Rabid if he likes her new hat.
New Hat (poop joke)
New Hat (dryclean only)
New Hat (culinary)
nemryn suggested: Space Frog is sick with an unusual disease.
Frog Disease (expert system)
Frog Disease (springtime)
Frog Disease (pastry)
nemryn suggested: It's Noel's birthday! But where is everybody?
Unattended Birthday (tshirt)
Unattended Birthday (bar)
Unattended Birthday (prison)
nemryn suggested: Rabid complains about last week's comics.
Rabid Complains (travel)
Rabid Complains (holiday)
Rabid Complains (comic)

Not Mark Flynn

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Not Mark Flynn is a thrilling webcartoonist. On the internet, all webcartoonists are best friends.

NotMarkFlynn suggested: A computer program greatly frustrates Rabid.
Rabid Needs Technical Support (click)
Rabid Needs Technical Support (date)
Rabid Needs Technical Support (revolt)
NotMarkFlynn suggested: Rabish can't find the CD key! Piracy?
Open Mic (flat beat)
Not Mark Flynn suggested: Rabid explores the cosmos, forcibly.
Forceful Space (jazz)
Forceful Space (borderline)
Forceful Space (mission)
Not Mark Flynn suggested: It turns out Dr. Quickly doesn't really know what altruism means.
Altruism (crime lord)
Altruism (FAI)
Altruism (faerie)
Not Mark Flynn suggested: A lone wanderer returns at last to his tribe, bearing the only hope for their salvation.
Wanderer Returns (without fries)
Wanderer Returns (with a light)
Wanderer Returns (with a book)
Not Mark Flynn suggested: Lil' Beefy gets to cussin' up a storm.
Beefy Swears (cussomancy)
Beefy Swears (at school)
Beefy Swears (life's hard)

Patch the Jester

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What a nice name! Patch has some good ideas and is very very willing to share them I CANNOT KEEP UP.

Patch the Jester suggested: Space Frog enjoys a scrumptious dessert.
Frog Dessert (remote)
Frog Dessert (lifestyle)
Frog Dessert (rays)
Patch the Jester suggested: Rabish's face cancer is cured by an unexpected villain who is not Noel.
Patchstravaganza Page 24: Conclusion
Patch the Jester suggested: Dr Quickly's latest invention causes a terrible accident, with sexy results.
Patchstravaganza Page 17: Frog Blast The Vent Core
Patch the Jester suggested: 'Rabot: The Musical' is called unsplenderific by critics.
Open Mic (flat beat)
Patch the Jester suggested: Space Frog figuratively pumps ravioli into Rabish's couch.
Patchstravaganza Page 9: Reaffirmation
Patch the Jester suggested: Space Frog is a magician.
Open Mic (frog and bees)
Patch the Jester suggested: Giant green hamburgers are fun.
Patchstravaganza Page 5: Hamburgers
Patch the Jester suggested: Space Frog's space watch is space broken.
Space Watch (froglife)
Space Watch (letterman)
Space Watch (timepiece)
Patch the Jester suggested: Quickly's time machine proves ineffective.
Patchstravaganza Page 14: Time Travel
Patch the Jester suggested: Space Frog's legs must be amputated, due to a cooties infection.
Frog Legs (hollow earth)
Frog Legs (tipping)
Frog Legs (syrup)
Understanding Comics
Patch the Jester suggested: Space Frog and Rabot are taking part in a suspicious scavenger hunt.
Patchstravaganza Page 11: Hiding
Patch the Jester suggested: Space Frog eats Rabid while shouting, "How dare you!".
Patchstravaganza Page 15: Eating
Patch the Jester suggested: A vivid sunset is seen in the background as two silhouetted figures sit together on a hill. One says to the other, in a romantic fashion, "I could go for a burger right about now".
Patchstravaganza Page 19: Burger Break
Patch the Jester suggested: Rabish's comedic genius wins a fancy trophy.
Patchstravaganza Page 3: Trophy
Patch The Jester suggested: Superheroes invade Rabish's colon.
Patchstravaganza Page 8: Detox
Patch The Jester suggested: Medical equipment is in short supply and Rabid has space flu or something.
Patchstravaganza Page 16: Sponges
Patch The Jester suggested: Rabot experiences joy at the zoo. In his joy, he states, "Whee!".
Patchstravaganza Page 6: Zoo Work
Patch The Jester suggested: Space frog says to Rabish, "Are you mad, woman? That isn't legal in Arizona!"
Patchstravaganza Page 2: Legality
Patch The Jester suggested: Bats are scary, but they have their advantages. Much like an old shoe.
Patchstravaganza Page 21: Bat Attack!
Patch The Jester suggested: A surprise Christmas wedding fails to warm Quickly's crusty old heart.
Patchstravaganza Page 13: Wedding
Patch The Jester suggested: There's love in the air. Or is it that burrito from earlier? They make a character very gassy.
Patchstravaganza Page 12: Flatus
Patch The Jester suggested: That's some good taffy that character's got there. How can we all resist it?
Patchstravaganza Page 10: Taffy
Patch The Jester suggested: Oh dear! Rabot appears to have gotten himself into a pickle, and only science can help him now.
Patchstravaganza Page 18: Teamwork
Patch The Jester suggested: Rabot has roboflu, and only Space Frog has the cure!
Patchstravaganza Page 23: Bite
Patch The Jester suggested: Rabid has a dark secret...maybe he should change the lightbulb. How many monsters would that take?
Patchstravaganza Page 22: Big Fight
Patch The Jester suggested: Rabid suggests a starter panel for a popular webcomic.
Patchstravaganza Page 1: Suggestion
Patch The Jester suggested: Dr Quickly's chronic fear of a lack of science consumes his very soul.
Patchstravaganza Page 7: Exorcism
Patch The Jester suggested: The entire universe is overrun by plants! At least, that's what the last few weeks of comics seem to suggest.
Patchstravaganza Page 20: Plant Overrun
Patch The Jester suggested: Rabid has missed the bus!If only he had some alternative...
Patchstravaganza page 4: Missed the Bus
Patch the Jester suggested: The Space Frog planet is in an economic crisis.
Frogonomics (boom)
Frogonomics (caviar)
Frogonomics (illusion of wealth)
Patch guest comicked: the sniffles!
The Cure

Rebecca Clements

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The creative mind behind the excellent webcomic Kinokofry. And a tireless booster of this very site!

KinokoFry suggested: Rabid is standing over a cliff, looking down and saying, "Finally, it's over".
Over (MLM)
Over (compression)
KinokoFry guest comicked: a terrifying story of PURPOSEFULLY MISTAKEN IDENTITY.
Bad Drink (coat)


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A lady who travels the world seeking delicious cheese. A friendly gal indeed!

crispy ham suggested: From a spaceship, Rabid sees the Earth explode. "Oh, no!" he cries. "What will I do?"
Explosion (shouting)
Explosion (breeding)
Explosion (smashing)
xiane suggested: Rabid takes a bubble bath, with surprising consequences.
Bubblebath (HCHP)
Bubblebath (decisions)
Bubblebath (clean)
xiane suggested: Dr. Quickly decides to open a bakery.
Bakery (butter)
Bakery (sabotage)
Bakery (burnt)
xiane suggested: Rabid peers into his post office box and yells, "IS ANYBODY IN THERE?!"
Letterbox (kingdom)
Letterbox (system)
Letterbox (package)


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A mysterious individual, leaving only a perplexing name as his / her / its calling card.

Zebrahead suggested: Rabid quits the comic because it's too girly. Rabish and Mrs. Pac-Man and the pink ghost discuss similarities over coffee
The Excessively Specified Suggestions of Zebrahead
Zebrahead suggested: Doctor Quickly and Robotnik discuss the suspicious similarities between ghosts and marshmallows. Meanwhile Rabid auditions for ecclesiastical duties and rabish foils his plan.
The Excessively Specified Suggestions of Zebrahead
Zebrahead suggested: Rabid exhumes a corpse of Saint Bernadette for the holy relic of "Saint Bernadette's firey finger" then he surplants it onto a stick and pokes people with it, sending them ablaze!
The Excessively Specified Suggestions of Zebrahead
Zebrahead suggested: Rabid experiences Dread Fever and causes a gas cloud over a small imperial city. The Imperialists start manipulating their city to match their altered mindsets. Dr.Q is their leader, gone insane.
The Excessively Specified Suggestions of Zebrahead
Zebrahead suggested: Space Frog swallows a coke bottle and the inhabitants of his insides find great utility in it until it causes problems amongst them. They choose one of their warriors to do away with it.
The Excessively Specified Suggestions of Zebrahead
Zebrahead suggested: The Devil comes across an aboriginee and encelopes him in a huge plume from the earth.
The Excessively Specified Suggestions of Zebrahead
Zebrahead suggested: Dr Quickly cries and wears a pink bow. Rabish comes into the room and talks him down, soothingly saying "i'm sure the artist will create an uninspired female version of you too..."
Non-Starter Starter Panels
Zebrahead fourth panelled: a story about Shogun Hero.
Breaking the Fourth Panel: Shogun Hero


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Because of the lowest-effort submission process I set up, there's really no way for contributors to have a proper bio blurb without emailing me or something. Nevertheless, here is Zounds and the zounds suggestions which are quite good!

zounds suggested: It looks like Dr. Quickly didn't get out in time.
Dr Quickly Didn't Make It (bedtime)
Dr Quickly Didn't Make It (bulkhead)
Dr Quickly Didn't Make It (slurry)
zounds suggested: A D-cell has more in it, thanks to Dr. Quickly!
D-Cell (reload)
D-Cell (rod)
D-Cell (endgame)
zounds suggested: Relax. This was filmed for a movie.
For a Movie (I guess)
For a Movie (rental)
For a Movie (it's all special effects)


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Zusty is a monster that has a heart of sand.

zusty the thing suggested: For some reason, Rabid meets a lot of people pretending to be foreign tourists.
Foreigners (bread)
Foreigners (GRIND)
Foreigners (gobble)
Zusty! suggested: Everyone is sick, in hilarious and improbable ways.
Pandemic (tick)
Pandemic (soup)
zusty suggested: Someone has fallen down a well. Fortunately, it's for the best.
Well (wind-up)
Well (cranked windlass)
Well (gravity)
zusty suggested: Rabid is staring at a picture frame. "It's -- it's THEM!" he cries.
THEM (Memories)
THEM (Sandwiches)
THEM (Framing)
zusty suggested: Noel is being unwittingly prophetic.
Prophecy (horselover)
Prophecy (clonk)
Prophecy (cellphone)
Understanding Comics
zusty suggested: Everyone has been forced to settle (for) a distant planet.
Settling with regret (not twice)
Settling with regret (hung)
zusty suggested: Noel gets really into mausoleums.
Mausoleum (party)
Mausoleum (ultraleader)
Mausoleum (slides)
KZ photographed: the background.
Escape Phrase 60
Karla fourth panelled: this strange story.
Breaking the Fourth Panel: Telekinesis
Breaking the Fourth Panel: The Mule
Breaking the Fourth Panel: Mundane Allegory
Zusty guest comicked: an RGB joke about four-colour printing.
Science Failed (Reader Submission)
zusty! suggested: Everything has a busy pattern on it. It's hard to make out what's what. (I may make this myself.)
Non-Starter Starter Panels
ZUSTY guest comicked: this open-concept workplace.
Failure to Update
Zusty drew: colours all over my inks in a pretty and lovely way.
A Colour Page
zusty suggested: An informative book falls from the sky.
Book Fall (face)
Book Fall (sky)
Book Fall (wolfram)
zusty suggested: Noel's late-night radio program freaks out all who hear it.
Late-Nite Radio (ghosts)
Late-Nite Radio (curses)
Late-Nite Radio (compulsion)
zusty suggested: Rabish drives so fast that something terrible happens.
Fast Disaster (chrono)
Fast Disaster (repay)
Fast Disaster (look)
zusty suggested: A chess game becomes stupid.
Open Mic (D)
Karla guest comicked: a fabulous comic about biters.
Bad Drink (dentition)
Karla drew: many of the panels!
Idea for a Comic (actually jam)

Other Contributors

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Various others who aren't famous enough

Wulfo suggested: Dr Quickly is reading a newspaper, bellowing "I cannot allow this to happen!"
Cannot (dogless fur)
Cannot (goat cheese)
Cannot (brewing)
Sugar Teats suggested: Doctor Quickly is drinking the milk from the box (with a guilty look in front of the open fridge) while a voice from off-stage saith, "Hey!"
Milk (poisonous)
Milk (lucky)
Milk (Sonny Bono)
Monika suggested: "Can't you just enjoy the beauty of a belly button?"
Bellybutton (flavours)
Bellybutton (breasts)
Bellybutton (science club)
MGmanster suggested: Rabid is standing in a pet store and says "I'll take two, please."
Pet Store (Teeth)
Pet Store (Breeding)
Pet Store (The Kittens Hatmaker)
Sean McBride suggested: rabid to rabish: "would you like to read my concrete poetry?"
Open Mic (frog and bees)
johnnyhoopsaWHAT??!! suggested: Rabbish is searching through a file folder and says "so THATS where my petuatery gland has gotten to!"
Rejected Suggestions Again
The same bear suggested: Doctor Quickly, cowering, says, "I knew it would work."
Cowering (world king)
Cowering (crack goblin)
Cowering (Hologram)
SCHNA! suggested: Rabid is eating pie and after a breif pause, says "salubrious".
Salubrious (statements)
Salubrious (addictive)
Salubrious (canard)
Woofer suggested: A blue jay gets a bad idea.
Blue Jay (Caloric)
Blue Jay (Beliefs)
rikki tikki tavi suggested: a mysteriuos orange is peeled by an unseen force
Inappropriate Suggestions
Wages in the box suggested: A comical Rabid stands on top of a box, he is telling people to buy war bonds except A MYSTERIOUS ORANGE PEELS ITSELF.
Inappropriate Suggestions
Scott suggested: How would you sit down if you didn't have knees?
Sit (prosthetic)
Sit (imprint)
Sit (crepuscular)
Open Mic (flat beat)
nonaron suggested: in a dark blue fog, a mysterious orange mysteriously peels itself
Inappropriate Suggestions
Sadochan suggested: a mysterious orange mysteriously seals itself.
Inappropriate Suggestions
Seadog Driftwood suggested: Noel Mauvais finds a gigantic pie and falls in love with it.
Pielove (forms)
Pielove (porks)
Pielove (finger monsters)
Bubblesandtouche suggested: Rabid is standing on a tall building, ready to jump when something catches his attention
Cliffside Distraction (elongation)
Cliffside Distraction (hallucination)
Cliffside Distraction (xenofact)
I am Sarp-Spark-Star suggested: An inappropriate amount of sauerkraut is on someone's sandwich now.
Sauerkraut (lunchhall)
Sauerkraut (blue pill)
Sauerkraut (consequence)
Tonsils suggested: g gordon liddy apprehendeth!
Inappropriate Suggestions
pjka glqswj suggested: gwvmybxse svclyz atni xiklcn dtyx axmuqns vcitja
Inappropriate Suggestions
Sceya suggested: Something about DANGEROUS SHOES
Dangerous Shoes (murderboots)
Dangerous Shoes (broadcast)
Dangerous Shoes (or ajax)
NOT SATIN suggested: Rabish realizes that she is actually a kite-eating machine
Kite-eating (terminator)
Kite-eating (ancient)
Kite-eating (reset)
keequich suggested: sex muffins abound.
Muffins (employee)
Muffins (orbital)
Muffins (wasteland)
Trouser Q. Pants suggested: Rabid becomes obsessed with eating a feather-based sugar cereal.
Cereal (meals)
Cereal (endangered)
Cereal (drink)
Seadog Driftwood suggested: "I was wrong! It ISN'T very comfortable at all!" one of the characters cries after inserting a fanciful dagger with a 1-2 cm blade-length into their eyelid.
Open Mic (flat beat)
Trouser Q. Pants suggested: Rabid finds himself riding a walrus on Baffin island.
Desperaffin (ringtone)
Desperaffin (social obligation)
Desperaffin (hole)
THE FREEZING RAIN! suggested: Rabid is desperately searching for an "almost=pinecone".
Open Mic (frog and bees)
Reproductive abyss suggested: Rabid is growing chaotic with the help of his handy pocket-comb.
Comb (begin)
Comb (portal)
Comb (luck)
john doe suggested: caffinated rabid is haunted by flying sea creatures
Coffee Creatures (hallucinogen)
Coffee Creatures (scanner)
Coffee Creatures (frogtality)
GIVEBACKTHESUGAR! suggested: Aided by th pink robots, The chumpco logo starts an epic siege on Rabid's housing establishment.
Rejected Suggestions Again
William Howard Taft suggested: A four and a half euro contribution to his well-being fails to make Rabid happy.
Euro (castle)
Euro (return)
Euro (vanishing)
ryan suggested: Rabish finds a severed finger in her front yard.
Finger (ring)
Finger (pops)
Finger (spring)
Bread Crabs (business trip)
Bread Crabs (contagion)
Bread Crabs (shopping)
GOD WITH A FORK suggested: Rabid becomes agonizingly "needy".
Needy (helper)
Needy (games)
Needy (battery)
Mohntra of soup suggested: Dr. Quickly is dancing on an ancient grave, while yelling abhorrent chants.
Dancing on a grave (seed)
Dancing on a grave (fitness)
Dancing on a grave (fatherhood)
Afraid and Alone (pills)
Afraid and Alone (door)
Afraid and Alone (cake door)
Captain Uglyhead suggested: A werewolf attempts to run Noel over in his busted up old car, which is so busted up that she can in fact outrun it easily. It never occurs to the werewolf that if he got out and chased her on foot he would catch up in no time. But then he wouldn't be able to run her over in his car, which is all he really wants to do.
Werewolf Car (positive)
Werewolf Car (old age)
Werewolf Car (late night)
Casey fourth panelled: the "numa numa" song.
Breaking the Fourth Panel: Linden Trees
Polkeroo fourth panelled: with a nice comic lettering font.
Breaking the Fourth Panel: Dialectic
Non-Starter Starter Panels
Non-Starter Starter Panels
Ryan O'Ryan suggested: Rabish experiences stomach pains and hiccups bats, rabbish joins a pac-man hunting troupe but gets lost in the maze. Dr Quickly experiences Thailand.
Non-Starter Starter Panels
Trouser Q. Pants suggested: Rabot has developed an embarrassing growth disorder.
Rabot's Growth Disorder (is a dog)
Rabot's Growth Disorder (double pinocchio syndrome)
Rabot's Growth Disorder (leads to disaster)
A. Nony Mouse suggested: Rabish and Rabot get into an argument.
Open Mic (flat beat)
mufffffffin? suggested: Everyone is embarrased by the trees.
Trees, ew (birthday)
Trees, ew (fruit)
Trees, ew (cats)
CAPTAIN LAZERS suggested: An orange mysteriously steals itself
Open Mic (frog and bees)
The Hangwidgeon suggested: Plant-like creatures take over local governmental systems.
Municipal Plants (compost)
Municipal Plants (overrun)
Municipal Plants (baby steps)
Understanding Comics
Captain Uglyhead suggested: Rabish finds herself capable of verbal communication with inanimate objects, such as appliances, vehicles, buildings, and clouds. The other cast members react with skepticism. She is frustrated with her inability to prove her powers because the objects she speaks with are surly and unhelpful.
Rabish's Gift (of ventriloquism?)
Rabish's Gift (committed)
Rabish's Gift (Dr Quickly's Reward)
Ashton the Bastion. suggested: Rabot steps on a toad and a cavalcade of ridiculous events follow as a result.
Open Mic (flat beat)
Ludwig von Robotnik suggested: There is a penguin.
Penguin (attack)
Penguin (finals)
Penguin (vacation)
Cirr suggested: Time travel causes a paradox, with terrible ramifications.
Time Paradox (will)
Time Paradox (frog meddlin')
Time Paradox (skynet vs. atlantis)
Understanding Comics
joseph murray suggested: perhaps something about home brewing! i just botched a bunch and it's on my mind
Botched Home Brewing (in the land of spirits)
Botched Home Brewing (of spells)
Botched Home Brewing (no regrets)
The Real NewsWeek suggested: Radish is fund holing Ravish's Raincoat
Fund Holing (Ravish's Raincoat)
Fund Holing (in the real world)
Fund Holing (with Real Money Trading)
3 mary lunch suggested: no-one knows how big rabish really is
The Size Rabish Is (big)
The Size Rabish Is (small)
The Size Rabish Is (magic)
Match suggested: Rabid is out buying more tangerines.
Tangerines (stop the bleeding)
Tangerine (like in the old days)
Tangerine (plus applicable taxes)
Match suggested: Rabish incorrectly thinks there are shoes.
No Shoes (the Vanishing)
No Shoes (thus, visible feet)
No Shoes (only aliens)
Geoff Arumblum suggested: rabot needs to be in something about a tulip. bacon.
Rabot and Tulip (Rabot hears a Who)
Rabot and Tulip (vs. the arts)
Rabot and Tulip (and Heartbreak)
Amanda Irwin suggested: Dr Quickly eating at an outdoors bistro staring at his plate off panel and exclaiming "This isn't a sandwich"
Not a Sandwich (tipping)
Not a Sandwich (shoddy magic)
Not a Sandwich (definition)
joseph suggested: rabish enters an existential funk when an art error renders rabid unrecognizable!
Art Error (blind date)
Art Error (interview)
Art Error (in the Art World)
Daniel Snyder suggested: Space Frog learns everyone's password.
Frog Password (at the USASF)
Frog Password (a poem)
Frog Password (mighty I.T.)
Chuck Babysheep suggested: Dr. Quickly, momentarily forgetting that cleave is its own antonym, creates a horrible vodka cocktail.
Rejected Suggestions Again
Thee Ardent Destructinator suggested: Takron-6 is coming. And the whole world shall burn.
Takron-6 Presiding
TAKRON-6 (subscription)
JLJ suggested: Rabish and Rabid are at IKEA shopping furniture(big step in relationship?) when Rabid discovers furniture made of the fossilated bones of his nordic ancestors.
IKEA Ancestors (Rabid's Oddysee)
IKEA Ancestors (Lengijarn Mestrbein)
IKEA Ancestors (and other classic horror films)
datn suggested: body marzipan spoils in the sun. passerby makes a person out of it anyway.
Body Marzipan (found by Hobo Doc)
Body Marzipan (the origin of life)
Body Marzipan (hides a secret)
marmite suggested: rabish is fed up and quits her cooking show while on air!
Rabish Quits Cooking (an Entertainment News Exclusive)
Rabish Quits Cooking (comfort food)
Rabish Quits Cooking (abandon capital)
marmite suggested: dr. quickly is dissatisfied with the quality of his new futon, but cannot bring himself to admit it.
Quickly's Lousy Futon (ruins sleep)
Quickly's Lousy Futon (through time)
Quickly's Lousy Futon (for guests)
T Simth suggested: There's trouble at the anti-matter factory.
Trouble at the Anti-Matter Factory ("turns out" to be socks)
Trouble at the Anti-Matter Factory (on the moon)
Trouble at the Anti-Matter Factory (caused a price spike)
Understanding Comics
Will Hagin suggested: Space Frog seeks revenge for unspecified reasons.
Space Frog's Indeterminate Revenge (shrug)
Space Frog's Indeterminate Revenge (for, such as)
Space Frog's Indeterminate Revenge (revealed)
runcible joe suggested: rabid longs for another life.
Rabid longs for another life (in the drug forest)
Rabid longs for another life (but tries to have fun anyway)
Rabid longs for another life (as a famous webcartoonist)
T Simth suggested: A sunrise inspires.
A Sunrise Inspires (idle entertainment for the nigh-immortal)
A Sunrise Inspires (three hundred and fifty thousand years later)
A Sunrise Inspires (rediscovery of an ancient hobby)
Bushido suggested: Rabid discovers there are way too many bowling pins in his home
The Trouble With Bowling Pins (space bowling)
The Trouble with Bowling Pins (contraindication)
The Trouble with Bowling Pins (Beefy & Frogges)
Alex Hutchinson suggested: Rabot and Noel's scheme to hold up a store is foiled when Dr. Quickly betrays them.
Noel and Rabot Foiled (War on Crime)
Noel and Rabot Foiled (by accident)
Noel and Rabot Foiled (by a kid, a lousy kid)
Alex Hutchinson suggested: Lost and afraid, Rabish makes a dubious moral decision.
Lost, two ways (social contract)
Lost, two ways (packing heat and light)
Lost, two ways (candour)
Basket of Beaks suggested: Rabot joins an online dating site, with dire consequences.
Rabot's Dire Date (household goods)
Rabot's Dire Date (infomercial)
Rabot's Dire Date (destruction)
Judithe Bialach suggested: ??????????????
Rejected Suggestions Again
Will Hagin suggested: A new character is introduced, and is instantly despised by the original cast.
Hated New Character (S.C. Quickly)
Hated New Character (the Political Cartoonist)
Hated New Character (a "mary sue")
The Random One suggested: Noel plays violent video games.
Violent Video Games (played wrong)
Violent Video Games (at Customs)
Violent Video Games (a topic of conversation)
The Random One suggested: Noel is now good. And has always been. All comics suggesting otherwise must be considered non-canon.
Rejected Suggestions Again
Murphy Amadeus suggested: "Who let the Space Frog clones out?! They weren't complete!"
Space Frog Clones (so wiggly)
Space Frog clones (burning up the charts)
Space Frog clones (in space)
William D Harrison suggested: Dr Quickly turns everyone into a pie.
Everybody's Pie (and it sounds GOOD)
Everybody's Pie (for a while)
Everybody's Pie (for the mill)
Rejected Suggestions Again
JLJ suggested: Rabid is sentenced to ULTRADEATH and after his execution a massive project is started to investigate and reset every change he has done in the world since birth. Noël and the doctor are unhappy with their jobs.
Ultradeath (They mean well...)
Ultradeath (an innocent)
Ultradeath (of a coworker)
Leon suggested: Someone accidentally holds a vacuum cleaner up to a clock and causes time to rewind.
Vacuum and Clock (deja vu)
Vacuum and Clock (Luigi's Mansion)
Vacuum and Clock (a week at most)
Bidoof suggested: Dr. Quickly is on a quest to find a unicorn!
Unicorn Trip (kiss)
Unicorn Trip (delicious)
Unicorn Trip (Test)
pixel tramp suggested: a granular dilemma! only one way to fix this problem.
Granular Dilemma (coffee shop)
Granular Dilemma (assortment)
Granular Dilemma (do the math)
Daniel Snyder! suggested: Rabid is collecting stuffed animals. But why?
Rabid's Stuffed Friends (are delicious)
Rabid's Stuffed Friends (are worthless)
Rabid's Stuffed Friends (are strictly rationed)
champchunge suggested: These new arms just aren't working out!
New Arms (assorted)
New Arms ('tude)
New Arms (hacked pacifism)
Jane suggested: A cure for hysteria.
Hysteria (never existed)
Hysteria (technology)
Hysteria (generally)
Jarnkarlinn suggested: rabid gets in a fight with a bear and wins, but then finds out he was wrong and the bear was right and feels ashamed and ponders his violent animal nature.
Rabid vs Bear (teddy)
Rabid vs. Bear (make friends)
Rabid vs. Bear (new years)
champchunge suggested: Magic crystals are back in style.
Hip Crystals (Hott Wizzyrdz)
Hip Crystals (get the job done)
Hip Crystals (new teeth)
smeared ink suggested: In the distant future, only Rabot remains.
Rabot's Alone (passing time)
Rabot's Alone (permutation)
Rabot's Alone (... woof!)
Gwaricus suggested: Dr. Quickly is not a fairy godmother.
Quickly Mistaken

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