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Classic Transmitter
These are the comics about the characters that the characters in my comics read when they read comics! They are also written in a strange alien language, and read right to left. It's so cool!
2005-07-19 Classic Transmitter: A Hot Summer Day
2005-08-12 Classic Transmitter: Keys in the Ignition / Trick Visor
2005-09-09 Classic Transmitter: Proportions / Freeze Tag
2005-10-14 Classic Transmitter: Tube Villian
2005-10-28 Classic Transmitter: Special Delivery / Winding
2005-11-22 Classic Transmitter: Birdbrained and birdmouthed
2006-01-06 Classic Transmitter: From Out Of The Past...
2006-01-24 Classic Transmitter: More Recollections
2007-02-07 Classic Transmitter: Lisa's Story
2007-02-09 Classic Transmitter: Lisa's Other Story
2009-05-18 Classic Transmitter: A bomb! (food)
2009-05-20 Classic Transmitter: A bomb! (garden)
2009-05-22 Classic Transmitter: A bomb! (advertisement)
2010-09-06 Best Of: Classic Transmitter: A bomb! (garden)
Guest Comic
Wonderful things wonderful people made for me.
2007-02-07 Classic Transmitter: Lisa's Story
2007-02-09 Classic Transmitter: Lisa's Other Story
2007-02-12 Breaking the Fourth Panel: Telekinesis
2007-02-14 Breaking the Fourth Panel: Linden Trees
2007-02-16 Breaking the Fourth Panel: Ring Ring
2007-02-19 Breaking the Fourth Panel: Dialectic
2007-02-21 Breaking the Fourth Panel: The Mule
2007-03-05 Breaking the Fourth Panel: +++ATH0
2007-04-09 Science Failed (Water)
2007-04-11 Science Failed (Fountain)
2007-04-13 Science Failed (Clown Hell)
2007-04-18 Science Failed (Reader Submission)
2007-05-18 Breaking the Fourth Panel: Shogun Hero
2007-05-21 When Worlds Collide
2007-05-25 Failure to Update
2007-08-24 Lisa wants me to go shopping with her
2007-10-05 Pielove (finger monsters)
2008-01-23 A Colour Page
2008-05-28 Cereal (endangered)
2008-07-28 Bad Drink (dentition)
2008-07-30 Bad Drink (coat)
2008-08-01 Bad Drink (Einhorn)
2008-12-19 Breaking the Fourth Panel: Mundane Allegory
2009-03-25 Soup Delay
2009-06-08 Space Frog, Rapper (origin)
2010-08-30 The Cure
2010-09-15 Best Of: Science Failed (Clown Hell)

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