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2005-07-05: Old Comics

These comics are cleaned up and redrawn from sketchbooks that date back to 1995. Imagine how frightened I was when I ran out of sketchbooks!

This begins a storyline which spans the following comics:

2005-07-05 Old Comics
2005-07-05 They mean well...
2005-07-08 Soup Meal / Helping Hand
2005-07-12 Box of Matches
2005-07-15 Out A Pickle
2005-07-19 Classic Transmitter: A Hot Summer Day
2005-07-22 Tenser said the tensor / Meanwhile, in outer space...
2005-07-26 Tea is pretty good stuff.
2005-07-29 Considering an agrarian lifestyle / Horsis!
2005-08-02 Fresh Dough / My new job kind of sucks...
2005-08-05 Hygiene is important despite what the Doctor says
2005-08-09 Two dumb guys at the health centre
2005-08-12 Classic Transmitter: Keys in the Ignition / Trick Visor
2005-08-16 Serenading the Samovar / Head Dread
2005-08-19 Snacks and ladders
2005-08-23 Standing Ovation
2005-08-26 Securibev and Securibev 2.0
2005-08-30 The Bullshit Detector / Pressure
2005-09-02 Antislumbversary
2005-09-06 Twenty-twenty self-regard
2005-09-09 Classic Transmitter: Proportions / Freeze Tag
2005-09-13 Mother of Season's Cycle
2005-09-16 Synthesis
2005-09-20 Transposition error
2005-09-23 Space frog doesn't actually care about your diet
2005-09-27 Gone Fishin'
2005-09-30 Space Frog is even mean to robots
2005-10-04 Doubting the evidence of their senses
2005-10-07 $0 Initiation Squash / Beanworld-not
2005-10-11 Unfamiliar Pastimes
2005-10-14 Classic Transmitter: Tube Villian
2005-10-18 Treebot
2005-10-21 Sting Operation
2005-10-25 Crankypants
2005-10-28 Classic Transmitter: Special Delivery / Winding
2005-11-01 Eat Slower
2005-11-04 But I don't FEEL special!
2005-11-08 Inedible Performance
2005-11-11 Chiisu ku akai bakemono ha shiyou ni katsuta
2005-11-15 Crashed My Car In Psychic Germany
2005-11-18 Empty your fridge
2005-11-22 Classic Transmitter: Birdbrained and birdmouthed
2005-11-25 Lunchmas is the least important meal
2005-11-29 Given the choice to kill or be killed
2005-12-03 Testing Jimothy
2005-12-06 All aboard the sponsor-ship! / Something about lying
2005-12-09 Adventures of the Heart Patrol
2005-12-13 Piecake vs. cakepie
2005-12-16 Transference is a lie
2005-12-20 Setting Records
2005-12-23 Setting Records Part Two
2005-12-27 Evil Is Sublime
2005-12-30 Butterfly's Dream
2006-01-03 The cafe in question
2006-01-06 Classic Transmitter: From Out Of The Past...
2006-01-10 Paging Doctor Walter Freeman
2006-01-13 Fur Parade
2006-01-17 Seasonal Pastimes: Winter
2006-01-20 Seasonal Pastimes: Summer
2006-01-24 Classic Transmitter: More Recollections
2006-01-27 Distroia

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